About Us

Our teams have over 15 years combined experience in the Interior Construction Industry. We believe that the performance of our company and the service that we provide to our clients is dependent on employing the right people. We pride ourselves on possessing the right attitude and creating a culture where we strive for the best possible performance whilst addressing the needs of our clients, and adding value where possible. Furthermore, as a business we stand behind both the products we use and our workmanship.


Hazara Interior Lining is one of the Auckland’s GIB experts, supplying plasterboard at best prices to builders, developers and homeowners. From home renovations to large-scale commercial projects, no job is too big or too small.

Fixing Plasterboard

Perfect wall and ceiling finishes on your project start with perfect GIB fixing. No matter how good the stopper is, there’s simply no hiding a second-rate fixing job. Our team of experienced plasterboard fixers pride themselves on attention to detail and laying down a perfect GIB canvas for our stoppers to go to work on.

Plasterboard Stopping

The quality of your wall and ceiling finish is determined by the quality of your stopping. Our team of plasterboard stoppers are masters of Level 4 and the highest Level 5 GIB stopping. They also have the technical skill to recommend and carry out quality upgrades in situations that particularly need it. Their skill is backed up by our project management team, who ensure all work done is not only top notch, but completed on time.


We’re so proud of our craftsmanship on your plasterboard, we prefer to finish the job ourselves! Our team of professional painters will put the finishing touches on, right up to highest Level 5 specifications (where required). By using our team, you keep it all under one roof, keeping unknowns to a minimum.